Plan Your Whole Event with West Coast Events and Rentals

West Coast Events and Rentals in Tampa offers wedding tent and other event rentals to help you plan the perfect party or special event. No matter what type of occasion you’re planning, West Coast Events and Rentals has everything you’ll need to ensure your event goes off smoothly. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can help you put together the best event possible.

Frame Tent RentalsTents

Tents are essential if you’re planning a large outdoor party. Most people don’t realize the benefits tents provide. Aside from keeping your guests covered in the event of any weather issues, they also provide that feeling of being inside when you’re actually outside. Tents also provide shade and can keep you and your guests out of the hot Florida sun. Tents are also versatile, and for example can serve as both the setting for your outdoor wedding ceremony and then the reception!


Tables are very important for having a party, as well. Whether it’s cocktail tables for guests to mingle around or serving tables where your guests can sit and dine, West Coast Events and Rentals can fit your needs. It doesn’t matter what size party you have in mind; if you bring us your ideas, we can make it work for you.

Dance Floor and Staging

Dance floors and staging are often an underrated part of a successful outdoor party. Staging can be used to lay down a floor for your outdoor event, preventing wet feet and keeping your guests on stable ground. A dance floor serves the same purpose, but is designed for more heavy duty applications – specifically for a large number of people to be moving and grooving. Having a dance floor or staging is often overlooked when planning an event, but a little prior planning can mean a world of difference if you have inclement weather or rocky, uneven ground at your location.


From uplighting to cafe lighting, chandeliers and more, West Coast Events and Rentals can assist you in providing quality lighting at your event. No one wants to be in the dark, and no one wants to call it a night early. Once the sun goes down, having lighting can ensure you have a bright event, and keep your party running late into the evening.

Climate Control

From heaters to fans to air conditioning, climate control is essential in providing a quality event. No one wants it too hot, and no one wants it too cool. Ensuring the temperature is just right will definitely benefit you in making your event a wonderful time for all. Whether it’s a chilly winter evening or a hot summer day, our climate control solutions can help make sure your space is like Goldilocks’ porridge: just right!

Dinnerware (Glassware and Flatware)

If you want to add a touch of class to your event, go with some real dinnerware instead of disposable plates and cups. Instead of red plastic cups, use real glass beverage glasses. Instead of plastic forks, use a full set of silverware. Make sure your event is special and memorable and get all the proper dinnerware you need to provide an authentic and classy feel to your party, event or reception.

Concession Equipment

Concessions are another underrated part of making an event special. Sometimes you might be entertaining a large group of children as part of your event. Children like to have that little extra something cool to tell their friends about. Provide that unique element with a vending station. Whether you want cotton candy, frozen drinks or snow cones, West Coast Events and Rentals can provide you with equipment you need to make your event memorable for all.

Plan your next party or event in the Tampa Bay area with the help of West Coast Events and Rentals. Discuss your plans with us today by calling 813-949-7479.